Several decades of experience in business philosophy, applying his knowledge to motivate and inspire audiences into action. Since 1985, he helped thousands of people resolve their business problems. Unlike other advisers, his knowledge is based on real-life experiences and not only on textbooks.

The lectures and workshops have been of great value in inspiring many types of audiences. Yours can be next -- The attendees will be empowered to take action. He will educate, encourage and entertain. He has given more than 300 presentations.

He has been in business most of his life and has failed and succeeded many times! That is one of the true benefits of what he offers. He will teach how to be creative while thinking, that is usually the greatest omission among the ingredients in business. 

His lectures/workshops will be of value in inspiring audiences at trade shows or at corporate events.

• Going into Business after Retirement

Many retirees have found, much to their surprise, that retirement is not as exciting and rewarding as they had envisioned, playing golf everyday or watching TV is not fulfilling. The solution to this paradox might be to start a new business. This workshop focuses on what is required to achieve success with careful planning, using proven management strategies, even with limited capital. Topics include starting from scratch, finding the right niche, setting up and organizing the business, financing, legal issues, time management, market research, creating a business image, and setting fees and rates.

This lecture is based on the workshops that Professor Kuperways has been teaching at New York University, School of Professional Studies to thousands of students since 1985. Many attendees have started their businesses and are operating with great success.


• Starting Your Own Business on a Shoestring

Starting your own business is entirely possible -- even in hard times. Many successful companies started with little capital. This lecture focuses on what steps to take to start your business. With careful planning and using proven strategies for successful business practices, you can make little money go a long way. Click here for details

This lecture is based on the workshops that Professor Kuperways has been teaching at New York University, School of Professional Studies to thousands of students since 1985. Many attendees have started their businesses and are operating with great success.

• A Business of Your Own - Is it for you?

Have you ever considered becoming a small business owner and being your own boss?

Do you feel daunted by the prospect of starting your own business? Do you want answers to your business questions? You will learn if you have what it takes to be a business owner, as well as, going over misconceptions of owning a business and learning valuable tools to start your own business. The presentation will cover the essential components of having a business, how to develop your mission and the journey it takes to own a business. You will explore what a Startup is about. We will focus on what is required to have your own business and to be able to assess if you have the potential to be an entrepreneur.

You will evaluate your skill sets and learn what additional business skills you will need to acquire. We will guide you through the first steps of finding your niche. The class will cover understanding startup issues, such as capital, legal, setting up, sales and marketing.

• The Impact of Social Media on Business

The concept of Social Media is a high priority of the agenda for many people today. Using it to share and engage with others continues to grow at an astounding rate. Many try to identify ways in which firms can make profitable use of this exiting method of marketing with very limited understanding of what the term exactly means. Before you make a decision on a Social Media solution, you need to understand the lay of the challenges and opportunities. This lecture intends to provide clarifications. You will learn the key characteristics of today's Social Media solutions and the latest trends for mobile and social marketing.


• Time Management

Achieving objectives on schedule and within budget is crucial to the success of any individual or organization. This lecture considers the main causes of delay and inefficiency in a business environment and offers practical ways to help you and your team identify objectives, prioritize actions, organize time efficiently and use experience as an element of the decision making process.


• Cold Calling / Lead Generation

We will take your salespeople on an exciting journey into realizing their full potential which will provide your company with an edge over your competitors. Topics include: How to prepare the calls and to get around gatekeepers and assistants, best time to make calls, when to leave a voicemail, follow up. How to select the best list and the best methods to secure appointments.


• Growing Your Business

Planning and preparing for new challenges is important to the growth of your business. Successful growth of your business means thinking about the present and the future. Forecasting and planning are critical components in looking forward. What can you do to help your business grow?

There are many possibilities: Marketing strategies, new products, franchises, acquisitions, better business image, raising capital, promotions, training, special events and better management.


• Effective Presentations

An effective presentation will be an important asset to your company. This lecture will teach you how to prepare an effective presentation. Topics include: Guidelines for creating effective slides. The key points you want to make. Who is your audience? What equipment and resources you will need.

• Customer Recovery and Retention

It is usual for corporations to concentrate on existing customers to increase their business since they have invested time and money to acquire them. However, they have also invested time and money for customers who are no longer doing or doing less business with your company. There may be a multitude of reasons for this but we have found that contacting these people and discussing these issues with them often brings them back.


• Maximizing Performance

The ability to develop good relationships with others and to handle situations effectively are vital elements of being successful. Topics includes: Introducing new self-management techniques - Develop new ways to approach situations to achieve the highest standards. Identifying areas of your performance that need improvement - Techniques focus on changing your thoughts, assumptions, emotions and time management.


• Public Speaking

Feeling some nervousness before giving a speech is natural and even beneficial, but too much nervousness can be detrimental. This lecture will teach you the fastest and easiest way to get up in front of an audience. You will be showed how to prepare your presentation and eliminate “stage fright”. How to open and close your lecture and gain rapport and trust with any size group




• Additional Topics

  • Creating Your Business Plan
  • Do It Now!
  • Marketing On a Shoestring
  • Establishing Prices for Services or Products
  • Raising Capital
  • How to Make Extra Money using eBay
  • Doing Business Online
  • How to be a Successful Consultant
  • Working From Home


Subject matter can be tailored.

Several decades of experience in business philosophy give Professor Kuperways the ability to apply his knowledge to educate, entertain, motivate and inspire audiences into action. Since 1985, he has helped thousands of people resolve their business problems.

Roger Kuperways has had various careers throughout his life and speaks from his own experience based (not only on textbooks) teaching audiences how to think creatively -- One of the most important element in business success!