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We have several ways for you to get exposure to our community of small businesses

The success of the Roger Kuper Institute and our Networking groups exciting events is the ability to partner with leading brands and corporations. With a New York City network of over 31,000 members and still growing! Our mailing list is sent to over 57,500 people around the world to leverage and express a partner's message, we are ready to work with your company to bring your offering to our entreprneurs, business owners and executives. Some of our past sponsors include New York University, JP Morgan Chase, New York Life, NYC Office suites, Citi Bank, Strategic Alliances and many more.

  • Host a Business Event at your Office or Venue
  • Sponsor our Meetups, networkings, and lectures
  • Online Presence
  • Webinars, lectures, talks & Master Classes
  • Advertise on our websites
  • Business Directory

Start marketing your company to our community by becoming a Sponsor today!