Testimonials from clients  


Dear Roger, Thank you so much for your consultation earlier this week. Your piercing insights into the heart of the matter and practical solutions are refreshing and instantly useful. I will put these to use right away and keep you posted on results.

Best Always,

Marshall Tarley - CEO Marshall Tarley

"Dr. Kuperways has been my business coach for the past 5 1/2 years. During that time he has helped me focus on the issues which should have been apparent but for many reasons I was just unable to see myself. He has been never critical and entirely confidential. His insight into all aspects of business has been instrumental in my company advancement and success. He came to me highly recommended and I can without hesitation recommend Dr. Kuperways to anyone seeking improvement."

Bob Lee - Director of Client Development - Wolf Gordon inc.


"The past few years running a medical practice had become almost overwhelming. Most doctors are not business people, however we are expected to treat our practice as a business. Your business experience and expertise has helped me reorganize, prioritize and put in place business and office procedures, which made a tremendous difference.

Looking at problems from business perspectives encourages me to make important changes. Your hand holding during stressful financial times has helped me concentrate on patient care. Your business coaching has been very helpful during these past few years and the business is in a much healthier place. Borrowing is down, cash flow is up! I had recommended you to many of my colleagues who are experiencing similar challenges."

Peter Gontzes, M.D., P.C.

"Thank you so very much Dr. Kuperways! I was a basket case, did not sleep well, and was in a constant state of worries. Thanks to your counseling and advices. My business is booming! I now work less hours and make a lot more money. I am now very clear about my short and long term goals. I will be grateful for ever! "

Allan Corday - Hair Salons Entrepreneur - Corday Inc.

"I have worked with 7 consultants and coaches in my life and I would have to say this is the best service I have ever had. You do things that others do not take time to do. I have learned so much from you! I would like to thank you and I hope we do business for a long time."

Angela T. Backson - Performing Arts and Talent.

"I was working more then 12 hours a day, 6 days a week (sometimes 7). I could not fulfill the demands, I felt stuck! I could not hire anyone to help me, as my clients wanted to work with me and only me! Now, thanks to your advice, I work 8 hours a day (sometimes 6), I can take vacation time and I make more money than before! The only regret Ii have, is not finding you sooner! Thank you, thank you, thank you! "

David Allenski - Attorney.

"I just wanted to share a quick note to let you know that you do a really good job. It's really great how your mentoring have put me (and my team) up to update in the business world. I'm glad I decided to work with you. "

Gerard Calder - CEO Calder IT.