Roger's Business History


University Professor
Roger is also a faculty member at New York University where he lectures and teaches courses related to Business Management and Computer Science. He is also affiliated with the prestigious Sorbonne University of Paris and the University of Buenos Aires. Dr. Kuperways was selected as NYU Man of the Year for teaching and lifetime achievements. He was also the featured speaker at "Profiles of Success: An Evening with Roger Kuperways"


He has been the recipient of special honors. In 1996 he was invited by New York University to deliver a lecture to the Faculty of the School of Continuing Education called "New Yorks habits for a Radically Changing World!". In 2004 he represented NYU at the "Pathways to Beauty and Well-Being" conference in New York's Javits Center where he gave three lectures, which attracted over 1600 attendees.



Computer Consulting Services


Roger, like most people had fallen into this early career. He decided to totally reinvent himself! - In the mid 80's, when micro computers came out, he recognized a new trend and envisioned the great potential of personal computers. This led him to create Unicon Systems to offer automation to the Fashion Industry.

  • Software Develpment/Publishing
  • Systems Analysis
  • Training
  • Web Design
  • Networks


Fashion Designer and Entrepreneur


After an apprenticeship with Coco Chanel, in Paris, he came to the USA at the age of 17 with only $12 in his pocket! He dreamt of having his own business and could only find a job as a sewing machine operator (no one would believe that he was a full fashion designer at 17). He started his fashion contracting business with $1500 and expanded it to his own brand 'Roger Kuper ( ' which became a multi-million dollar business.



Coach - Consultant - Adviser - Mentor

Works with CEOs, Executives and Business Owners helping them resolve most of their business issues.
He has been called the "Millionaire Maker"

Many feel that they are 'doing it alone' when it comes to growing and sustaining their businesses, Roger provides help to owners/management's effectiveness as well as the sustained success of their business.