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Click on link for dates The Smart Entrepreneurs Network Business Networking

Small business (under 500 employees) and Start ups (businesses over 3 years).

Click on link for dates Small Business from Concept to Startup Business Networking

People thinking or getting ready to start a new business.

Click on link for dates Skilled Entrepreneurs Network Business Networking

From entrepreneurs looking to become the next Bill Gates, to investors in search of the next big thing, to top business experts and established business owners..

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• Creating Your Winning Business Plan with Ease.


• Creating Your Winning Elevator Pitch.

• Raising and Getting Money from Investors      
• Starting your Solopreneur Business on a Shoestring.    

• Creating Your Pitch Deck with Ease.


• How to Start your Coaching or Consulting Business

For details, see The Roger Kuper Institute    


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Business Ethics    
Finding Peace in your Life and Business    
Pre-Helenic Philosophy    
Breathing in the Present - Philosophy    
In Search for Life Meaning    

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