About Roger Kuperways

Professional Biography  

Roger has been in business most of his life and has many years of experience in a variety of businesses and industries. he makes a living coaching, lecturing and a networking event organizer. He has consulted, advised, coached, and helped over 10,000 thousand people in the last 35 years. He has been a Senior lecturer and an adjunct Professor for more than 25 years, teaching business at the School of Professional Studies. He also lectures on Practical Philosophy.

As an apprentice at Coco Chanel in Paris, Roger started his fashion career and worked there for 3 years. He spent the next 2 years working for several fashion houses and still attending night school. He immigrated to the United States at the age of 17. The only job he could find was as a sewing machine operator; no one would believe that at 17 he was a full-fledged fashion designer. He quickly moved up in the trade while continuing his education at night while studying business and philosophy. He got his first job as a head designer at Louis Goldstein manufacturer of better coats and suits. He started teaching designing at Mayer School of Fashion Design.

Roger of Paris was a retail store in Brooklyn doing custom designs, made to order, He took several evening business classes at Dun and Bradstreet and taught Fashion Design at both Mayer School of Fashion Design and Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT). Roger made an offer to buy the first factory he ever worked at in Manhattan. The owner laughed at Roger saying "you don't have enough money!" Roger using his keen business sense made him an offer. The factory's biggest profit came from the cash business done on Saturdays. Roger offered a three-year payout, allowing the owner to retain the Saturday business until then. A hand shake closed the deal. Roger did contracting for high fashion houses, Paul Parnes, Chester Weinberg, Pauline Trigere, ultimately introducing his own collections. He continued to attend several evening business, finance and philosophy classes and teaching Fashion Design.

Roger Kuper, Ltd. specialized in suede and leathers catering to the finest specialty and department stores coast to coast and Europe. Roger started this company with fifteen hundred dollars and built it into a multi-million-dollar business. After then 20 years in the garment industry he lost his motivation and decided to liquidate this company, giving most of the money to his employees, many had families and were losing their jobs.

He decided to re-invent himself! In the early 80's he got fascinated with micro-computers and decided to learn all he could and to merge computers with his knowledge of the fashion industry. He started Unicon Systems, a company that developed software, system analysis, consulting, and later added Web presence. Roger also created SuperExpo.com, an online trade shows, showcasing manufacturers' products to the trade. Several thousand companies were exhibiting their products at SuperExpo.com. Roger also did business consulting and coaching. Other Ventures created by Roger: Career Changers, Ltd. - An organization that focused on helping people change careers and United Home Offices - An Association for people who worked at home. He was frequently a guest speaker and lecturer at NYU and The Learning Annex.

He was named "Man of the Year" in the Profile of Success series by NYU in 1998. Roger speaks in front of large and small groups for companies, associations and trade shows for example, he was invited to be a Keynote Speaker at Jacob Javits Center and lectured on starting a business to over 1,600 people who attended this conference. Roger's coaching is helping people with their careers and businesses executives improve their bottom line.

Personal Biography

Roger won the Paris Junior Chess championship at the age of eleven. At nine, he entered a competition for a scholarship at the 'Ecole Des Beaux Arts' in Paris. There were 1,500 entries to qualify 15 students; Roger was one of the lucky winners. He studied Karate for seven years and has a black belt. He has won several gold medals in downhill skiing. He represented the United States in several international bridge competitions. As Argentine Tango dancer, he gave several exhibitions and teaches in New York and Buenos Aires. He speaks English, French, Spanish, Italian, and Yiddish and understands some German, Polish and Portuguese. Roger is a former president of the prominent American Photographic Historical Society, a non-profit organization with members in 167 countries.