What is Coaching vs. Advising/Consulting?


Differences between coaching and Advising or Consulting

Coaching works best for people who are ready to go to the next level in their career or business. A coach is very action oriented and asks you WHAT you are willing to do, WHEN will you do it and HOW will you get it done. Business coaching entails bringing about positive change in the working of an organization and the workers as a whole. It helps to determine goals that meet the best potential of the individual or organization.

Advising or Consulting may be described as something to do with giving professional or expert advice. In addition, it often involves an expert using his own skills to improve a given situation for his client.

Generally speaking I believe that most situations are best addressed with a combination of coaching and advising or consulting rather than one or the other.

The results of my coaching and advising are fool-proof plans for moving forward - I partner with you in actualizing those plans.

The Top Things Clients "Want More or Less Of"

Get more done in less time
Focus on your priorities
Simplify your responsibilities and projects
Automate systems for peak efficiency
Permanently eliminate lists of things to do
Make and keep more money
Get a handle on spending
Increase income
Handle debt and financial problems
Have a successful Small Business
Increase profitability
Increase sales
Develop a strategic action plan
Strengthen the internal management and systems
Develop a full, successful practice
Develop a strong reputation
Manage clients better
Increase sales and profitability
Eliminate high or hidden costs
Communicate more effectively
Motivate others
Respond better
Be able to ask for what you want
Ask the right questions

Get on a path
Develop better ways
Discover your potential
Reinvent yourself

Eliminate hassles
Calm down
Reduce stress

Increase Quality of Life
Establish balance at home, work and play
Expand your networks