About us

Legendary Business Philosopher Roger Kuperways, Ph.D. offers lecturing, coaching and advising, marketing and technical services. The firm has offices in New York, Pennsylvania, California, Ohio, as well as Argentina and France. Clients include AT&T, Microsoft, and hundreds more.

Who are we?

We offer many years of experience in lecturing, consulting, coaching in marketing, corporate development, international network, strategic planning, consulting, e-commerce, e-marketing and international market penetration.


Roger Kuperways, Ph.D - CEO, spent 20 years in the fashion industry and brought his knowledge and understanding to many companies since 1978. Dr. Kuperways is a faculty member at New York University where he lectures and teaches courses related to Business Management and Philosophy. Roger was also a board member and former president of the prominent American Photographic Historical Society, a nonprofit organization with members worldwide.

Brenda Weiss - President and Head of Marketing and has been affiliated with Dr. Kuperways since 1999. Ms. Weiss has created and managed several corporations that provided services, marketing and products for telecommunications companies. Brenda loves music, theatre, bridge and culinary food.

Alain Cordet VP - Head of research and development has been affiliated with Dr. Kuperways since 1978. Al loves wine, music and is an expert Bridge player .

Sanford Goldman - Chief Financial Officer.