Increase Your Sales with Cold Calling through  
Interactive realtime online Coaching
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Professor Roger Kuperways, business coach and advisor, offers Cold Calling techniques based on the workshops that he has taught at New York University, School of Professional Studies, to thousands of students for the last 25 years.

When properly done, the Response Rate of conversations when Cold Calling is 33%. Its closest neighbor in marketing is traditional direct mail, with a whopping 1% to 3%; forget about email responses! When prospecting, your salespeople would rather have a root canal than Cold Calling. We teach step-by-step methods to bring Qualified Leads.



Our Interactive Realtime Online Coaching sessions are available from the convenience of a computer. Each session ends with questions for the student to answer.


Topics include:

  • Preparing and making the calls
  • Getting around gatekeepers and assistants
  • Dealing with negative responses
  • Follow-Up calls: How and when
  • Getting the appointment.


On-site Coaching still available

According to recent studies nearly 60% of companies polled use online training to save on travel costs and expenses. Online training is also a much more convenient method since it fits schedules better and is more efficient.


  New York - Telephone (646) 340-4476

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