Ever thought of starting your own business but didn't know where to start?

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You might have heard of him but Roger Kuperways, noted Professor and Liife Coach, famous for his NYU Seminars about how starting your own business is offering a way to acquire this knowledge, first hand, without having to attend a single class.

Using eLearning methods, Roger himself will be conducting a series of 12 on line lectures, and offer 1 on 1 support to the students all from the simplicity of your computer. Yes “Starting Your Own Business on a Shoestring” can be experienced, by you, all without traffic, parking, subways... just a few clicks, and you are there.

Starting your own business is entirely possible -- even in hard times. Many successful companies started with little capital. With careful planning and using proven strategies for successful business practices, you can make little money go a long way. Some of the topics include: Finding your niche, options to strat a business, legal issues, marketing, getting clients, how much to charge, time management, finances, your business image and creating your business plan. Complete details

You will also be given a one year honorary membership to BusinessThinkTank.org, a Social and Referral Network that give small business owners opportunities to connect and share.


According to recent studies nearly 60% of companies polled use online training to save on travel costs and expenses. Online training is also a much more convenient method since it fits schedules better and is more efficient.









Coaching and Lectures, are also available

If you are interested, please contact Professor Roger Kuperways.

Telephone (646) 340-4476



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