Bored? Burnt Out?  
Underpaid? Over skilled?
Give yourself a great gift - Start your own business!
With minimum risks!
Current trends favor small business growth in a recession.
Thousands of workers are projected to capitalize on these trends by going into business.
Achieve your full potential with your own business.
  The Interactive-eTutorial will help you succeed with  
  "Starting Your Own Business on a Shoestring"  
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Professor Roger Kuperways, Founder and CEO of Unicon Systems, a Business Philosopher, sought after Coach and Advisor is offering an important eTutorial. It is based on the workshops that he has been teaching at New York University, School of Professional Studies to thousands of students since 1985. Many have started their business and are operating with great success.

Starting your own business is entirely possible -- even in hard times. Many successful companies started with little capital. This eTutorial focuses on what steps to take to start your business. With careful planning and using proven strategies for successful business practices, you can make little money go a long way.

Note to previous students - The eTutorial will refresh, update, enhance and provide new materials.

The Interactive-eTutorial consists of 12 sessions at "your own pace" and will help you remove barriers to having your business.

The following description of each session represents only a sample of the topics that will be covered. Complete details

1 - Starting from scratch - Finding your niche

  • Looking at your skills
  • Exploring your business ideas
  • Is being an entrepreneur for you
  • Download: Top 50 Shoestring Businesses Start-ups

2 - Options to start your business

  • Moonlighting
  • Part time
  • Spin off
  • Full time
  • Download: How to Buy a Business
  • Download: List of 1200 SBA Approved Franchises

3 - Setting up and organizing your business

  • Equipping your business
  • Getting help when you need it
  • Managing your business from start to finish

4 - Your business format, legal issues

  • Sole proprietorship - Partnership - Corporation
  • Insurances
  • Taxation
  • Download: Partnership Agreement
  • Download: Shareholder Agreement

5 - Marketing techniques and research

  • Defining your market place
  • Components of the market place
  • Marketing techniques and research
  • Online Marketing Strategies
  • Download: 37 Ways to Market your Business

6 - Getting sales

  • Prospecting and various ways of selling
  • Establishing a sales system
  • Getting free advertising
  • Download: Sample Press Releases

7 - Time Management

  • Overcoming procrastination
  • Managing time to accomplish more
  • Setting and achieving goals
  • Download: The 31 Most Common Mistakes of Time Management

8 - Finances

  • Establishing a budget
  • Setting fees for your product or services
  • Keeping books
  • SBA loans
  • Getting investors, Angel Investors, Venture Capital
  • Download: Sample Budget
  • Download: List of 300 Venture Capital Companies

9 - Your professional business image

  • Printed materials: Stationery, direct mail, brochures, flyers
  • Your web presence
  • Your image with clients

10 - Dealing with failure

  • Why do many new businesses fail
  • Coping with failure
  • Avoiding mistakes

11 - Using the Internet for your business

  • Using eMail
  • Web Resources
  • Doing business on the web
  • Social Networking
  • Download: Effective Social Media Techniques

12 - Business Plans and Resources

  • Creating your startup plan
  • Projecting the future
  • Useful web addresses, book titles and other resources
  • Download: Business Plan for Startup Business
  • Download: Business Plan for an Established Company

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Each session ends with questions for you to answer. The correct responses are then sent back to you.

Upon completion of the eTutorial, Professor Roger Kuperways will have a one-to-one telephone conference with you.

You will also be given a one year honorary membership to the Business Think Tank and Network.

According to recent studies nearly 60% of companies polled use online training to save on travel costs and expenses. Online training is also a much more convenient method since it fits schedules better and is more efficient.



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