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Give yourself a great gift! - Start your own business!

With minimum risks! . . .

Activate the dream that is waiting to come out!

Achieve your full potential in your own business!

Get the Interactive-eTutorial "Starting Your Own Business on a Shoestring"

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Professor Kuperways offers an important eTutorial based on the workshops that he has taught at New York University, School of Professional Studies, to thousands of students for the last 25 years. Most have successfully started their businesses and are now operating with great success.

Each session ends with questions to be answered by the student. The correct responses are then sent back to the student.

At the completion of the tutorial the student will have a private telephone session with questions and answers.

With careful planning, starting your own business is entirely possible--even in hard times. Many successful companies started with little capital and lots of smart business strategies. This is focused on what you must do to start your own business and how you can make a little money go a long way by planning carefully and using proven strategies for successful business practices. Topics include starting from scratch, finding your niche, setting up and organizing your business, financing, legal issues, time management, market research, creating a business image, setting fees and rates and preparing a Business Plan.

The Interactive-eTutorial consists of 12 sessions about removing barriers to having your business.

1 - Introduction - "Starting Your Own Business on a Shoestring"

2 - Starting from scratch - Finding your niche

3 - Options to start your business - Moonlighting, part time, spin off, full time

4 - Setting up your business

5 - Your Business format - Legal issues

6 - Sales and Marketing

7 - Managing your business

8 - Time Management

9 - Finances and Money

10 - Your professional business image - Dealing with failure

11 - Resources and the Internet

12 - Creating your Business Plan











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