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Does this look familiar with your current batch of prospects? Are you happy with your sales volume?

Don't let your sales team get demoralized calling the same people that have been saying NO for months!





For most people to pick up the telephone and call people they do not know is a terrifying thought. The fear of rejection or intrusion is as big as the fear of failure. Cold calling is a skill that can be easily learned with the tools we offer to overcome any barriers, with proven techniques to reach decision makers.

Cold Calling Lectures - Training

Bringing more sales and new business is the most important goal for a company. With the right techniques, 'Cold Calling', which is the critical art of opening new market opportunities will produce more prospects and business than you thought possible. How? Compared to advertising, direct mail, email, public relations, existing clients and referrals, cold calling will produce the highest ROI.

On average, the response rate from conversations when cold calling is 33%. Its closest neighbor in marketing is traditional direct mail, with a whopping 1% to 3%; email responses are even lower!

When it comes to prospecting for new customers, your salespeople would rather have a root canal. Unicon teaches step-by-step innovative and comprehensive methods to acquire the skills, tools, techniques and strategies needed to bring qualified leads and appointments.


Break your sales people's resistance to cold calling by:

  • Identifying leads
  • Preparing the calls
  • Getting around gatekeepers and assistants
  • Choosing the best time to make calls
  • Leaving messages that get results
  • Providing email tactics that work
  • Following up, how and when
  • Using the web with the calls
  • Keeping track of the calls
  • Securing qualified appointments
  • Managing your prospects


We will take your salespeople on an exciting journey toward realizing their full potential, which will provide your company with an edge over your competitors.

Now, your salespeople no longer have to push, manipulate, or rely on generic selling techniques and memorize gimmicky closing tactics that have lost their effectiveness.


Follow-up sales training and executive coaching is also available.

Training/Coaching may be given via telephone or Skype with video.

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