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Business Lectures/Workshops

I am Professor Roger Kuperways, a noted business philosopher, public speaker, and business consultant/adviser.

I have been giving lectures and workshops primarily at New York University for more than 25 years and also at the Paris-Sorbonne University and the Universidad de Buenos Aires. I have also spoken at trade shows and corporate events. I am fluent in 5 languages.

My topics include:

  • Starting your Own Business on a Shoestring
  • Cold Calling
  • Customer Recovery/Retention
  • Maximizing Performance
  • Lead Generation
  • Surviving this Economy
  • Time Management
  • Public Speaking
  • Do it Now!
  • New Rules for a New Economy
  • Marketing on a Shoestring
  • Creating your Business Plan
  • Putting your Business on the Web
  • Turning your Small Business into a Winner
  • How Much to Charge for Services or Products
  • Working after Retirement
  • How to Raise Capital
  • Starting an eBay Business
  • Going into Business after Retirement
  • Online Marketing

Subject matter may be tailored to particular audiences.


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I have several decades of experience in business philosophy, applying my knowledge to motivate and inspire audiences into action. Since 1985, I have helped thousands of people resolve their business problems. Unlike other advisers, my knowledge is based not only on textbooks but on real-life experiences. The attendees will be empowered to take action. I will educate, encourage and entertain. I have given more than 150 presentations.

I have been in business most of my life and have failed and succeeded many times! That is one of the true values of what I offer.

I believe that my lectures/workshops will be of value in inspiring audiences at trade shows or at corporate events. I am writing to inquire whether your organization can provide me with opportunities to realize this goal.








Should you be interested, please contact me. I will be glad to discuss your ideas, needs, budget and to offer suggestions - no obligation, no pressure.

I can be reached by e-mail or call (646) 340-4476. Visit www.RogerKuperways.com for more details