Dr. Roger Kuperways

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Noted Business Philosopher now available for your events

Dr Roger Kuperways   

Professor Roger Kuperways, a noted business philosopher, public speaker, entrepreneur and business consultant/adviser.

I have been giving lectures and workshops primarily at New York University for more than 25 years and also at the Paris-Sorbonne University and the Universitad de Buenos Aires. I have also spoken at trade shows and corporate events. I am fluent in 5 languages.

Topics include:

  • Starting your Own Business on a Shoestring
  • Cold Calling
  • Customer Recovery/Retention
  • Maximizing Performance
  • Lead Generation
  • Time Management
  • Public Speaking
  • Do it Now!
  • New Rules for a New Economy
  • Marketing on a Shoestring
  • Creating your Business Plan
  • Putting your Business on the Web
  • Turning your Small Business into a Winner
  • How Much to Charge for Services or Products
  • Working after Retirement
  • How to Raise Capital
  • Starting an eBay Business
  • Going into Business after Retirement

Subject matter may be tailored to particular audiences.

Several decades of experience in business philosophy, applying my knowledge to motivate and inspire audiences into action. Since 1985, helped thousands of people resolve their business problems. Unlike other advisers, my knowledge is based not only on textbooks but on real-life experiences.

The attendees will be empowered to take action. I will educate, encourage and entertain. I have given more than 150 presentations.

I have been in business most of my life and have failed and succeeded many times! That is one of the true values of what
I offer. 

My lectures/workshops will be of value in inspiring audiences at trade shows or at corporate events.